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18 Nov

The World’s Most Valuable Brands 2015

Seems like technology is the star in 2015 with more than 5 companies ranking the highest among others in different fields from F&B to manufacturing. So, check out their ranking     Seems like no...

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04 Oct

7 Steps for a Business to Thrive

Starting a business is a great thing, but being able to continue in the market and grow steadily while creating customer loyalty this definitely requires a lot of hard work and constant development. Here are...

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27 Aug

12 Reasons Why Businesses Fail to Sustain

Most of us are looking to start their own business or already started one. This can be something worthy and successful or it can take a wrong turn; it’s up to you to make it...

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14 Jul

Coca-Cola & Pepsi Ramadan Ads: Then & Now

During Ramadan we anticipate what Pepsi and Coca-Cola are going to bring to the table and they never fail to surprise us with creative ads that become memorable. Take a look and see how they’ve...

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05 Aug

Criticism for Benefit

As Marketers we just can't stop noticing all the campaigns and marketing activities happening everyday. Some of them are awesome, some okay, and some will just be remembered forever as the campaign that sucked! We'll...

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05 Aug

Open Source Marketers

We like to call ourselves "open source marketeers". We like to share our knowledge and make everything better for everyone, value gained being the satisfaction of making a change. So it's quite okay to share...

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05 Aug

20 Uses Kickstarts!

It's been a few months since our opening but we've been delaying the announcement and official launch until we're in full power and ready to get into the action. Finally, we're on! It's been really...

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10 Jul

Marketing and Psychology

 Marketing and Psychology Observe, Understand, Communicate   It’s true; marketing is very much related to psychology. When you don’t know what your prospect needs to hear, and how they want to hear it, it becomes...