Insanyah is a social enterprise and web platform that brings together social projects and NGOs, connects them with a large pool of volunteers and allows CSR departments to fund or sponsor projects or organizations of their choice.

We provided them with a marketing strategy and we were the creators of the “Gowana Insanyah” campaign launched Ramadan 2016. The campaign was basically a competition inviting all social entrepreneurs and NGOs to apply with a project or more. People would then vote in addition to a judging panel from Insanyah’s side so that 3 winners would receive 10,000 EGP each. 3 big events would then be held at different governorates to maximize the exposure across the country where the prizes would be given to the winners.

We created an explanatory video to present the competition to people and partnered with a number of NGOs in different cities so they would spread the word in non-digital media. We also offered to all applicants that we would shoot a promotional video for each of them to help them explain their idea (we did with quite a few) and promoted for their projects on the social media.

There were more than 100 applicants and the reach and engagement multiplied for Insanyah following this campaign.

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Cairo Angels

Cairo Angels is Egypt’s first formal network of angel investors. Since their inception in early 2012 Cairo Angels has invested more than LE 11.5 million in 15 start-ups with binding offers being made almost on a quarterly basis.

Our role with Cairo Angels is to come up with brand concepts using their logo alone for an event called The Angel Ticket, targeting top notch investors and C-class executives in large size corporates. We created and printed their event material including flyers, event agenda and topics, rollups, backdrop, notes and pens and social media posts.

The project was fully funded by GIZ and we were required to coordinate outcomes and financials with both Cairo Angels and GIZ as co-creators.

The feedback we got from Cairo Angels was impressive.

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MC Egypt

MC Egypt is Mercy Corps’s first investment vehicle that allows investors to invest in businesses that put social impact at the heart of their mission.

As a for-profit subsidiary of Mercy Corps, MC Egypt works to encourage and grow businesses that have specific social and pro-poor benefits for Egyptians. We aim to increase income and employment, and improve services such as healthcare, education, and energy independence.

We worked on a project with MC Egypt that aims at supporting agricultural patents by bringing them out to the light and bring aboard partners with business backgrounds to help them monetize their patents. We came up with the idea of an event called “Lab to Market”. It was a 3 day competition that allows business professionals of middle career level to propose business models for 1 of 3 agricultural patents. All of them would work on the business models along 3 days and pitch on the final day. The winners were awarded a prize and shares in the patent to become permanent partners.

The logo, name, branding and everything was done from scratch.

We held a series of informative sessions in different governorates which was all covered live. The result was 100 participants in less than 3 weeks, most of which were not from the usual community of young entrepreneurs.

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Mega Scan

Mega Scan, previously called Dr. Hafez Sherif Radiology Center, is one of the oldest radiology centers in Egypt. It was established in the year 1966 and now has 4 branches spread around Cairo.

Our role included the following:

1- Rebrading their entity and combining together the names Mega Scan with Hafez Sherif to include a radiology center, a lab and a catheter clinic.

2- Creating a full marketing plan for the whole organization

3- Holding a customer service training for their team working in the 4 different branches

4- Hiring and training a team of sales representatives that would work on establishing partnerships with doctors and corporates.

5- Implementing the marketing plan created including digital marketing, events, videography and photography, and following up with the sales people recruited.


A Brazilian producer with 10 factories, where the wide range of Tramontina products are produced. The brand that has won the hearts of Brazilians is, today, present in 120 countries.

Our Services

• Brand Localization
• Internet marketing
• Social media marketing
• Content marketing
• Digital marketing
• Video production
• Graphic design marketing
• Event Marketing

Please check some of our videos for Tramontina in 2015 and 2016 on the following links: