Like a tune, a word can be said in a thousand different ways. We know how to attract the right audience by saying your message just the right way. Just as much as it’s important to know who you’re talking to, it’s important to know what to say and how to say it. Our team of Arabic and English copywriters will make sure we have that covered for you.


To come up with good copy, we need to:


1. Understand your target audience and marketing strategy

2. Plan for your copy of different material so that it would all be consistent

3. Synchronise your digital marketing and SEO with all copy created.


Delivering your message may be through a set of channels. Each of them has it’s copy customised to fit in terms of size and style of language. Whatever marketing material you come up with like a video, trailer, brochures, rollups, web content, etc, we understand how they should be consistent to create the maximum force.


The kind of copy we deliver includes:


English and Arabic copy, persuasive presentations, brochures, web content, blogs, social media posts, video scripts, creative subtitling and dubbing, rollups and banners, job announcements, press releases, preset emails.