With a marketing department already set, you may just need us to carry out a single marketing campaign to boost your performance. We work with campaigns as projects, planning, implementing and measurement like any big project.


By handling a campaign we are responsible for:


1. Understanding the objective of the campaign

2. Creating an action plan with clear time and cost projections

3. Handling the implementation of the whole campaign from when it’s on paper all the way until it reaches it’s desired effect.


Some single marketing campaigns have moved companies from one scale to the other in just a few months. We’ve handled even 3 day events where we campaign a month before, during, and a month after to reposition or rebrand a business. Online or offline, we will help you double your numbers. 


Marketing campaigns are both challenging and fun, including:


Strategy integration, pre-event campaign; exposure increase; client engagement during event; data collection and analysis; performance evaluation; post-event communication; advertising; maximised ROI.