Save time and money by outsourcing us to carry out all your marketing activities. We have the capacity and expertise to act as your full marketing department. You may choose to hire us long-term or just for while to set up and jumpstart your marketing department. We can do it all.


 How is outsourcing done?


1. We analyse your current situation and create your marketing plan and strategies

2. Place an action plan with clear KPIs for periodical assessment

3. Make most effective use of your available resources along with ours to implement your marketing plan


We care much that you would have a flawless marketing process, and this becomes much easier when we have the assigned staff under our eyes. We both have a better chance to do a significant success by focusing on what we know best; you with your product development and operations management, and us on communicating your value with the desired target market. 


By outsourcing us to perform your marketing activities we’ll handle a set of marketing functions, including:


Market analysis and planning; message communication; market testing; marketing plan implementation; event organising and public relations; digital marketing; performance measurement, reporting and improvement.